BodyFlight Moscow 14,5ft
BodyFlightMoscow 14,5 ft wide, Recirculating Wind Tunnel
Relaistic, Indoor, Skydiving Semulator
Location: Russia, Moscow , 70th km of Moscow, city limit, Circle Road -MKAD, WayPark Trading Center
Operating Hours: 10am -
Telephone: +7 916 73 999 47 Call or SMS us for Tunnel Booking

Tunnel Specifications
Type: Single Fan
Orientation: Indoor
Airspeed Range MPH: 180mph+
Air Volume CFM:
Flight Area: diameter 14,5ft
Horsepower: ~1200+

Flight Information
1 minute--- 500rubles
10 minutes- 5,000rubles
30 minutes- 12,000rubles
1 hour----- 21,600rubles
11 hours--- 216,000rubles

We offer Subdealership Programs and Doscount Options (minus up to 10%) off retail price to Abroad Customers with 30hrs+/single purchase

Flight Restrictions - Maximum weight 120kg ,People with shoulder(s)/spine/leg(s) etc... lately injured are not recomended to Indoor Skydive at our wind tunnel.
Safty goes first, pls contact our representative for presice Regulations.

Historical Facts
Opening Date/Year: Autumn 2009 Grand Opening
Manufactured by: Swiss BodyFlight
Name Changes:

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